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10 rater plans


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Hi All

I would like to build a 10 rater from plan, having trouble in locating any!

Does anyone have any 10 rater plans for sale, they can be early plans 70's to 80's or later

, hull length up to 77" or so

Maybe you know a company that can supply me

If you can help if be very grateful



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Mark, a good starting point is Sails etc who have plans for Iota, Iona and Graffito 10R. Iona is a free plan and I sold an Iona recently for a customer.Its an elegant boat and not extreme in shape. Traplet have a variety of older boats available in plan form though I havent checked to see if there is a 10R amongst them. If you want to have a vintage boat then contact the Vintage Model Yacht Group and see what they might have.

Good luck with your plans and above all - enjoy!

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