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Finishing at a mark surrounded by navigable water.

Terry Connell

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Two boats,close hauled on starboard, are approaching the windward end of the finishing line marked by buoys. The leeward boat is sailing so the he can sail right up to the buoy,duck under it to finish but so close that the windward boat has to sail above the buoy to avoid hitting it and so cannot finish. Is this within the Rules?Does the leeward boat have to make room for the windward boat to finish? In other words does Rule 11 apply all the time?

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The ROW rules (R10,11,12,13) apply all the time. R 18 may modify or restrict the ROW boat to give mark room.

So if W has mark room at the finish line, then L has to give that room, even though R 11 applies between them.


John Ball

IOM CAN 307 (V8)

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