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Non parallel rudder shaft & servo


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Before discovering the existence of this forum, I posted the following message on the General Discussion forum.

I'm a beginner who is at the carving stage of his classic 6rM.

Looking forward to the electronics, I'm wondering what the best solution is for connecting the rudder servo to the slanted rudder shaft.

My current idea is to:

1. Connect a line to an inexpensive servo with an arm. The servo will be far forward.

2. Position a vertical pulley aft such that the line emerges from it perpendicular to the angle of the rudder shaft,

3. Place an arm on the rudder shaft,

4. Run the line to the arm and then, with it continuing in the same direction, down to a vertical pulley which will permit the line to return forward,

5. Connect the line to an elastic which will run forward to maintain tension on the system.

One of the arms will have an adjustable radius to control the amount of rudder swing.

All comments or alternative methods will be most welcome.


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Hi a collection of quite complicated ways of moving the rudder, I presume you are building a classic style six metre, with a rudder pivoted along the aft edge of the fin keel at an angle of around 45 degree to the vertical.

I would recommend 2 solutions depending on how much under deck space you have

1) make a small platform and mount the rudder servo at 90 degrees to the rudder shaft and a simple rod connection to the arm

2) mount the servo with the axis of the shaft vertical and use double sided servo arm and rudder arm and connect the two with cordage, difficult to get tight on initial set up but works well

hope this helps

Mike Ewart

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