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Factory settings RMG

Val Provoost

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Hi Val,

The only RMG model that makes reference to being able to reset to factory settings is the E model. The other models only say that the new settings replace the old settings. So it may not be possible except by returning the winch for 'reloading' the settings into its EPROM.

I suggest that you contact Rob through the web site https://www.rmgsailwinch.com.au/rmg/index.php or one of the UK support places.


John Ball

IOM CAN 307 (V8)

In my private capacity

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Thanks John, I did know that but I have a steady turnover in boats and almost everyone I buy has an RMG which has been abused, neglected or damaged. Sure I can send them to Ken Binks and get them serviced but the simple things, I like to at least try and do myself,saving time and money and the reset would be a good starting point for any winch. They are robust things but I never fail to be amazed at what people manage to do to them and even more amazed that they still function. Not always properly though.

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