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V36 Spinnakers..... got any?


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Hi Y'all

I have got myself a nice wooden V36 built by John Gale and it has a ton of shiny new suits of sails, but no spinnakers.

Before I ask my favourite sailmaker to knock some up for me, has anyone got some lying around that they may be willing to part with?



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On the US Vintage Model Yacht Group website there are some patterns for various types of spinnaker.  You do have to scale them to a suitable size but I have made a few Marblehead and 36R spinnakers up using polythene sheet and double sided tape.  Elizabeth went over the taped seams with a zig-zag stitch on her sewing machine.   There is a link to the article here:-     https://usvmyg.org/boats/sails/the-spinnaker/

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