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Joysway Dragonflite 95 V2 Racing RC Sailing Yacht, Includes A, B, & C Sail Rigs, Racing sails & Sail Bag

Sean Macdonald

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Joysway Dragonflite 95 V2 RC Racing Sailing Yacht, Includes A, B, & C Rigs, sails and Sail Bag, can include radio and reciever if required at extra £50 cost, all in very good condition ready to race.

Factory Spec.

V2 Dragon flite 95 is the next logical step in providing a high performance, competition yacht at a fraction of the price of normal models in the 1 metre class. This yacht is unique in concept from nearly every aspect. The sleek and narrow hull is designed to cut through the water with minimum drag. The fin is moulded from ultra-rigid carbon fibre to provide the correct balance of low drag and high strength. Above deck, the entire sail rig has been optimised through careful testing for both area & shape and the sails are made from durable Mylar with all necessary re-inforcements. The unusual ‘kick’ in the main boom is designed to prevent it dragging in the water at extreme lean ngles.

The kit includes a high power sail servo and a metal-geared servo for steering.

£450 or can supply with2.4 Ghz radio for an extra £50 if needed, localpick up prefered, Location Turriff, Aberdeenshire.

Email address to contact me is 2e0fth@gmail.com









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