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FlySky FS-ST8 Radio System

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I have just purchased a FlySky FS-ST8 Radio System and am trying to set up dual rates on both the sail winch ( 3 position switch on channel 3 ) and the rudder (2 position switch on channel 1) and failed miserably.
Has anyone successfully managed to do this? If so please let me know how to do it, the manual is less than helpful.


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Not familiar with this particular radio but a quick squint at the manual shows that it uses non-dedicated switches like Edge TX based radios.  Whilst these are far more flexible than radios with dedicated controls (like Spectrum & Futaba), they are a bit more tricky to set up.  The step you may be missing is that you have to assign a switch to be the 'rate switch' for the channel you want it to act on - see 6.1.6 in the manual.

Can I ask what you are trying to achieve?  If you are trying to set up High, Normal and Low modes on the sheeting position then there is more than one way to do this.  For the rudder, exponential (to make it less sensitive around the mid-point) is quite common but limiting the total travel via a rate function would be unusual.

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+1 for exponential on rudder - I also have a 'curve' on my sail (section 6.3.3). A curve allows for the sail to go out and in a little at close hauled and then progressively more to fully out - I think that's right. I haven't tried it but it could be possible to have an 'S' shaped curve so full in and full out are smaller movements in relation to stick movement with the 'middle' faster.

Is anything in this YouTube video review of the FS-ST8? 

This YouTube video also goes in to radio settings, whole video worth watching but here's the radio part (doesn't matter the yacht class 🙂

I usually find someone has done what I'm trying to achieve on YouTube, hope one of these might help.

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