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10 Rater Thick 3238

Max Buttimer

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Hi I have this ten Rater for sale called Thick. Number 3238. I am not sure of the design. The hull is made of wood with with a thin carbon deck. The keel and rudder are made of carbon. WC Virey 98 is printed on the keel and 2002 on the rudder. It comes with 2 swing rigs that have PJ Sails. There is a whirlwind winch and a sail bag.

Located near Salisbury 

£400 Ono

Tel: 07907 501 651



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I made that back in around 1996. It is a Roger Stollery design based on Roar Edge underwater sections. the fin would have come from my Roar Edge used in the Worlds in 98. it looks as though you have 10R top and B rigs, also compatible with use on a Roar Edge as a 10R.

Thik was very fast in light conditions, but could be challenging to tack.


Paul Tickner


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There is no record of measurement and Registration in the 10R Registrars records.  

This is not unusual for boats of this vintage as in those days there was only the original master copy of the certificate and this was kept by the owner.  As the boat has changed hands since then. Any registration will have lapsed and the certificate would no longer be valid.  However if either of you has an original certificate we are trying to make the records as comprehensive as possible and I would appreciate receiving a scanned copy of it for the records.

Janice Uttley

10R Administrator.

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