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DF - Wind Speed in relation to Rig Choice

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I am quite new to sailing and starting out with the DragonFlite and DragonForce boats.

My question to the forum, is there any charts available that provide guidance as to the rig selection for a given wind speed range.

As I am learning the boat set ups I would like to assemble the rig at home then go to the water rather than doing it at the waterside with cold fingers.

Thank you


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Hi Andy

There is a wealth of tuning information for these yachts. My advice is to use what works for you. As a start, I have provided you with some information at the link below. You will find setting up your boat at home will create a difference when you actually get to the lakeside. Best to review later. 

On a personal note, I’m one of those skippers who doesn’t use measurements. I set up my rig with some rake in the mast, plenty of backstay tension and plenty of twist in the sails. In addition, my rule of thumb is always keep to the same rig as the top skippers when others might be changing.

Scroll down to the charts. 

link: https://dragonforce65.us/tip-and-hints/


Good luck


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