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Issues with Futaba T6J and R2006GS


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I have problems with the Futaba T6J and R2006GS transmitter/receiver; first there is a red light with a pinging sound, after a few seconds a flashing green light and no sound, after which solid green and all servos functioning. I am still learning about RC electronics so please any easy simple fix solutions would be gratefully received. Thanks

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Switch the TX on first with the left joystick in the down position, all other switches on the set in the upward position. 

The RX should have a small opening on the top cover, this provides access to a micro switch next to the light. When power is supplied to the RX, using a small screw driver press and hold down the small micro switch until the light appears solid green. The radio should work on completion.

In addition, I’m happy to purchase the TX/RX from you because I use the same equipment, and looking for a spare set of Futaba T6J, should you want to change.





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