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RMG Winch Beeping on start up, will not wind

Andrew Start

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According to an online manual:

hope it’s useful

Stall / Fault mode
The SmartWinch can detect when there is a fault and can protect itself by shutting down. When in stall mode the stall signal will sound at 2-second intervals. This can usually be reset by moving the Tx stick in the opposite direction. If this does not work, turn the winch off and on again. But check for the reason it stalled and resolve it before restarting. Please note that there are several reasons why stall protection may not prevent damage due to overload. These include cyclic overloading where the winch does not come to a complete stall before the commanded position is reached then run back causes the cycle to repeat, inadequate current supply resulting in the winch controller having a “brown out” causing a restart etc. Several factors can result in overheating that stall protection cannot prevent.

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Does yours have the extra black wire?  You have connected this to a spare centre pin on your receiver haven't you?

First make sure the sheets / lines are not jammed.  Try moving the drum by hand, if it feels OK then look for broken shorted / wires.  Turn the winch to approx its mid position and try restarting it. Look at the gear wheel on the pot and make sure it is engaging with the output gear - it can move on the shaft.  Failing that then most likely you have a fault in the electronics.  

My understanding is that an RMG will enter stall mode when the current to the motor exceeds some value (around 7 amps?).  If this happens then the control circuit will drastically reduce the current supplied to the motor and the winch will beep.  When mine did this it still moved but very slowly and very weakly i.e. if you pulled on the sheet the winch would unwind and then slowly move back.  If yours doesn't move at all then my guess it needs fixing.  

Let me know if you fancy trying it yourself as they are not the world's most sensible design and if you undo the wrong bolts you have to cut open the electronics box to re-assemble them.

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