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Identify VaneM


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Double posting.   In the Marblehead Forum also.


Hi All

I am helping restore a VaneM from circa 1980 but we have little information to go on.   What I need to do is find the design of boat so that we can get a sailplan and make some rigs.   The rigs taht came with the boat are clearly not for the boat, so we need to start from scratch.

Boat is GRP hull with plywood deck and there are no marking on or under the deck to help further.

The vane feather carries the name "Hot Chocolate" but we should not assume for now that it came from the boat originally.

Anyone out there who could help with any info?





PS, only positive comments about the state of my workshop please









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Thanks Derek


I looked up these two designs on www.allradiosailboats.com and of those two I would say that the Witty Typhoon is a close match.  


The bow profile is the right shape.   The Daredevil has a sharper bow.    


I will do some measurements tomorrow and see how close we are








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I am pretty sure you are correct in thinking the yacht is not a Roger Stollery Daredevil.  We have one and it does have a sharper bow profile and also a straight edge to the skeg, unlike yours.  I have attached a couple of photos. 

Your Marblehead does have the look of a Stan Witty design, possibly a Typhoon but has a curved leading edge on the skeg.  The curved leading edge of the skeg is a characteristic of some of the Witty Marbleheads, eg Skippy, but not the Typhoon.  However these aspects of the design are often open to interpretation or adaption by the builder.



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