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Kingmax Servo Programmer


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Has anyone succeeded in programming (or even reading the configuration of) an SW61114 servo?  When I try the LED turns green when I connect the USB cable and stays green if I press reflash USB, but if I press read or write the LED turns red and I get an error message a few seconds later.  It looks to me as thought the PC to programmer comms is working (hence the green light) but the programmer to servo comms is not (hence the red light).  I've also tried an 45SW servo with the same result.

I'm using Windows 10 and version 2.1 of the programming software and yes I have loaded the USB driver.

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I've done it several times, this is the order I do things in which may help.

  • Connect the programming card to PC via USB cable
  • Run DSConfig.exe
  • Click reflash USB which should then populate the box to the left of the button (with v1.2a in my case)
  • Connect the servo to card ensuring negative goes on GND
  • Click Read Config, there will be a beep and the config boxes should load values
  • Adjust Left/Right range figures to the new values - I find this is a little bit trial an error to get the right settings
  • Click Write Config to save the values
  • Test winch on radio gear and repeat above to adjust as necessary.
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I'm using DSConfig v2.1

The LED remains green throughout the entire process. The only feedback I get from the programmer is a beep on read and write actions

I've used the card to successfully program the following servos:

KingMax SWG6114MD
KingMax SW22HV
Turnigy TGY-6109MD

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