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Thinking about a new car… will my boat fit in?

Stephen B

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Changing a car and can’t find an inside the boot length with seats down, as all they talk about is volume.

website for disabled people measures cars, and helpfully includes boot length with seats folded down.

saves time wandering around car dealers with a tape measure and remembering the length of my IOM with A rig on, and rig box.


eg Skoda Superb estate 


scroll down dimensions to find 

Length of boot floor - back row of seats folded down or removed 2130

Also as we are all getting older, does door measurements etc, will I fit in




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Just been through this, only I am happy to rig at pond side, as I can't have a much longer car on the drive.  I carry rigs in rig bag, and IOM on top having been padded, I was amazed at the number of  cars where the load space isn't flat.  Obviouly there are other "Must have" requirements for us (towing, rear seat leg room etc) but I took the full rig bag with me when visiting dealers


IOM sailor

North Essex

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