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Refurbing old boat


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I'm getting my Metrick Magic up and running again for a bit of club racing. I see I originally registered it in July 1995 and its spent the last 20 years plus in my old outside privy - well its a garden store now! I've had to refix the rudder post but it is basically okay but I now need 12 number '3' sail numbers as I allowed my PSN to lapse and now someone else has got it!! GB sells them in packs of 10, if only he sold the number required!!

But I've been looking at the rigs today - all GB sails and spars so not cheap but some of the sheeting is looking a bit worn. Back in my day I used Dacron for sheets but what is the material currently in use? I suppose I could do with a one stop shop for sheet material and sail numbers!


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Stencil and felt tip for sail numbers. Either buy the stencils from one of our suppliers or try and cut them yourself. Better than loads of sticky plastic all over your sails. IOM rules detail all spacings etc.

Dyneema for sheets and all running rigging. Once again from any of our suppliers. Incredibly strong and free running and available in pretty colours too.


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9 hours ago, SimonCornes said:

Thanks Richard. Is Dyneema stronger than Dacron size for size? I have an idea it is.,I guess I need something like 80lb for a One Metre top suit?

IIRC Winch line is 50kg, recovery line 25kg, and sheets 25kg.  The benefit of dyneema/spectra over dacron is strength and also much lower stretch


IOM sailor

North Essex

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Sounds like you have a great old design there Simon.

Just a little advice on your sail numbering. If im right in thinking you have sails from the same era as the boat, i imagine they will be either a matte finish film or possibly dacron?

If so, i would suggest the only option to be stick on dacron numbers that can later be removed if needed. It is only on modern films that are uncoated with a seni or full gloss appearance that stencilling on numbers is the preferred option to avoid distortion. On these sails permanent marker pen can be washed off. Not the case on the older matte films that leave an awful blotchy emulsion mess.




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Thank you guys - and especially that from you Brad, I just need to remove 12 number 9’s and replace them with 3’s so I’ll see what GB can come up with as I rigged the boat with GB sails and spars because, in its day it was a very good design and it would be silly to fuel a Ferrari with diesel!   Well, that’s what I thought at the time anyway although I know there are a lot of other very fine manufacturers of yacht essentials!!

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