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2023 Joint Services (IOM) Regatta

John Taylor

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Calling All Service Personnel,

Just published within the MYA Calendar is an opportunity for all service personnel (Military, Veteran, Reserve Forces and Emergency Services), to compete in the above regatta. The friendliest regatta within the racing calendar. It is an opportunity to come along and take part in 2 days of (IOM) racing and a chance to reacquaint with service colleagues. 

Please enter online and read the Notice of Race. I look forward to meeting you at Gosport MYC on the 4/5 November.








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Regatta Update.

I am pleased to have received 5 confirmed entries already, in the first couple of weeks for the Joint Services Regatta. In addition, a couple of people have promised to enter but still I await their notification. Therefore, I am looking for the support of those people who meet the criteria within the NOR, please enter online and enjoy this 2 day (IOM) event.


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Morning Stephen,

Unfortunately, your circumstances does not meet the criteria set by the 'Joint Services' members. I have provided the detail below which we have followed for a number of years.

Alternatively, please read my PM sent to you in addition.



Entry is open to regular serving personnel and Reservists in the Armed Forces and Armed Forces Veterans. Personnel who are serving or have served in the Emergency Services (Police, NHS and Fire Service) are also eligible to enter the Regatta.

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JSR Entrants - we are expecting two further entries for the Joint Services Regatta and we are now confident that it will be held as planned.  To confirm the intention to participate, would all entrants kindly send an e-mail, by 2300 on 15 October, to Secretary@Gosportmybc.club ? 

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The Joint Services Regatta has been an annual event since 2003. During its 20 year existence the format of the regatta has change from military serving and ex-service personnel, to combining Military and Emergency Services. Despite the changes the regatta has always been in my opinion, the friendliest championship within the radio sailing calendar, because in 20 years there has never been a protest by competing skippers, any issues were always resolved on the water.

Unfortunately, over time entries numbers have decreased to the point where it is unlikely this event can continue in the future. I wish to thank everyone past and present who have supported this event. In addition, I want to thank Gosport Club and it's members who have continually allowed us the use of the lake and club facilities. Please find below the final race report.




2023 Joint Services (IOM) Regatta Report


The Joint Services Regatta (JSR) took place over the weekend of 4 – 5 November at Gosport Model Yacht and Boat Club (GMYBC). A total of 6 IOM skippers participated; one represented the British Army, one the RAF, one the RNLI and 3 the NHS. A guest skipper from GMYBC joined the fleet on Sunday 5th November. Prior to the Event, several entrants were forced to cancel; this was mainly due to ill health.  Courses were based on the use of the whole Lake. Paul Edwards acted as RO and Bosun.

Saturday 4th November.

Racing started at 1045. A brisk wind from the west prevailed. Strong gusts caused several skippers to experiment with No2 rigs during the morning, but ultimately everyone settled down with No1 rig. The weather improved during the afternoon; the rain showers were lighter than earlier. By the middle of the afternoon a total of 12 heats had taken place and racing was then suspended, because the leading skipper, Dorian Crease, had an electrical fault in his yacht. As a consequence, he was unable to race in heats 9 – 12. All agreed that, to be fair to him, time should be allowed for repairs. All of the participants were getting on well with each other; the Gosport Class Captain, Tom Roberts, helped to identify a faulty deck switch and then advised on a way of by-passing it. Three of the guest skippers were accommodated closer to Fareham and so a social event took place in The Sailmaker Pub.

Sunday 5th November.

Racing started at 1000 with westerly winds, which were initially a bit lighter and easily permitted the use of No1 rigs. Sunshine now prevailed and the skippers were in good spirits. The guest skipper, Chris Powles was unfortunate in that he was trying out new equipment. Sheeting kept coming off a self-tensioning drum and he missed the final two heats owing to a broken shroud. From the middle of the day, the gusts became increasingly strong, which caused yachts to go out of control. Collisions became more frequent, but luckily no one suffered any real damage. To prevent damage and allow the guests to travel, racing stopped at 1445, by which time 15 heats had taken place. Dorian Crease was the overall winner of the Event; Richard Aucott took second place and Bob Conner third. They each received an engraved whisky glass as well as bottles of beer. Other competitors received bottles of beer. The Team Trophy was awarded to the Emergency Services Team, including a former Lifeboat Crewman, Tom Roberts.


The weather conditions for this event were virtually ideal, allowing exhilarating racing with a No1 rig for a total of 27 heats. All skippers thoroughly enjoyed the event and valued the experience gained. They had sailed mainly in good humour and displayed good sportsmanship.

F J Kindell

Event Organiser

6th November 2023



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