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Old IOM Identification

Vernon Harrod

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This is my first post  please be gentle.

I recently purchased this old IOM. I'm really enjoying sailing her.  She has proper presence on the water and her paint scheme stands out.

I've got 3 rigs, with 2 different numbers and I've managed to get 2 rigs operational so far.  I've swapped the rotted servo tray for a new one as well.  Like me, she's a bit overweight (4300g with biggest rig).

I know she's an old boat, but she's already persuaded me to build a new IOM over the winter.  Now to the 64k question, can anyone identify the design please?  She has no indications of ever being registered or measured - one set of sails has a measurer's signature but it's been scrubbed out.

The name and it's skiff design suggest the design is from down under.  At least that's what I think.




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