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Changes to the Ranking Scoring System

Bill Green

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At the September Council meeting it was agreed that the Ranking points awarded to the IOM National should be increased to 200 points. After consideration and discussion within the Racing Regulation Team it has been realised that this has the potential to create problems for those who want to enter the proposed IOM World Championships in 2017. It has therefore been decided to revert to the pre September scoring of 100 points per eligible event. During 2016 the Racing Regulation Team will review both the scoring system and eligible events, in conjunction as many as we can, so that we can come to a conclusion for implementation in 2017. I'm sure that all will recognise this a sensible move and that time is required to arrive at a conclusion. As it has been said the Ranking System has served the UK well, it has provided us with many World and European Champions over lengthy period of time and it's not something that should be treated lightly. The intention is that early in the New Year a discussion will begin to garner opinion as to what changes, if any, shall be be made. This forum is the ideal vehicle to use to gather that information and I hope that all interested persons will positively contribute to that discussion.

Bill Green

MYA Racing Officer

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