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Electrics, switch etc and water ........

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Apologies, if this has been dealt with before, i did search, and came up with 0 

While i have my DF65 in bits, due to a cracked hull (all repaired now) i was looking at the electrics, as my switch appears to be a bit notchy , and a tad intermittent, what is the recommended remedy /solution to keep the electrical connections in tip top condition, as in grease, wd40/gt85 and the like

Also, i was thinking about putting the Receiver in a small zip bag, and a rubber band to try and stop water, or more so, damp getting in, is this a bad idea ?

Also doing this with the lipo balance lead, as this is open to the element inside the hull,  ?



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Hi Steve, GT85 can work but the best spray is Corrosion X but it is expensive. It will waterproof and protect against corrosion. A small amount of silicone grease or vaseline also helps.

I also race rc cars in all weathers, driving through puddles etc and all racers tend to put the receiver inside a balloon with a cable tie or tape round the neck and aerial poking out  - works very well and easily replaced if ever gets damp. 

Hope this helps.


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