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Recovery Craft, What do you use for motive power ?

Andrew Start

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We have a 3m inflatable SIB for our recovery craft, we are currently using a Bison 56ib thrust electric trolling motor, but this is our second unit as they seem to develop faults, looking for advice on what other clubs use as a power unit please?


Andy - Huntingdon RYC 

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We have been using an ePropulsion Spirit.  It was working fine for about a year - a little temperamental to recognise the RFID cut-out device sometimes, but enough power for a small rib and plenty of battery to lay and recover about a dozen marks and do a few rescues.  However it died recently and had to be sent back to the manufacturers.  I wasn't directly involved but this is what I heard.  The cause of its demise was fishing line tangled around the prop.  The repair cost was uneconomic, but the manufacturer has relented and offered to fix it with 'second hand' parts saying that they've had quite a few with similar problems.  Draw your own conclusions.

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