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Does anyone know what this very old IOM is?

Peter H

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Very old IOM, probably pre-2000.  No numbers or ID on hull.  Hull is GRP and well made. Bought in early 2000s from chap in Portsmouth.  Stern carries marking 'Oxford Model Boat Club'.  The hull has a distinct flare forward.  Probably most distinctive features are the 7 deck holes (not including radio pot) and wide stern.  Would be very grateful for any ideas as to the design.





IMG_20230226_115410_HDR (1).jpg

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Triple Crown has several distinguishing features - the bow flair and max beam around section 7 - when I built mine, I squared off the transom rather than following that Gadget/Widget profile.




John Ball

IOM CAN 307 (V8)

In my private capacity

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Hi John,

That's very interesting.  I didn't think about someone modding the seemingly unnecessarily complex TC stern.

From the very tidy interior of the hull I'm pretty sure it was made on a male mould.  I wonder if there was a history of male moulded modified hulls?

Anyway, sometime I'll make some templates of the TC sections and see if they marry up with the hull.

Thanks again, Peter

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