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Class Captaibs Report to the 2015 MYA AGM

Bill Green

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Here is the CC's Report

Once again another successful year for IOMICA GBR NCA, all due to the continued support that the class receives from it’s members.

The class continues to grow with the number of registered owners rising to 1082 and the number of certified owners (those who have measured boats) up to 1061. As a matter of interest the number of measurement certificates issued to date is now 3835. This poses the question as to where are all the other boats? There must be an awful lot up in lofts.

The list of measurers has also risen to 127, could be more as I know there are a whole lot of clubs without their own measurers. Hopefully next year will see an increase in the number, Roger Stollery is more than willing to guide prospective measurers to achieve the standard.

The 6 National Ranking events attracted an average entry of over 50 with the winning honours being shared by Brad Gibson (2), Rob Walsh (2), Martin Roberts and Graham Elliot.

At the national Championships which were held at Lincoln for the first time, Rob Walsh came out on top, with Zvonco Jelacic 2nd and Brad Gibson 3rd. These 3 positions were covered by 4 points, which shows just how close the racing was. Talking about the Nationals, well done Mick Chamberlain and his team who really worked hard to produce a well run event.

11 sailors represented the GBR at the World Championships in Foster City USA. 3 GBR sailors were in the top 7 with Brad Gibson regaining his World title, Peter Stollery 2nd and Rob Walsh 7th. Congratulations should also go to Graham Bantock who went over to Australia and won their A class, 10 Rater and IOM National Championships, with borrowed boats.

The 2016 European Championships will be held in Victoria Spain, what is the betting that one of the afore mentioned gentlemen will return with the title.

In June there was an emergency rule change with regards to gooseneck fitting, this was obviously done to accommodate the World Championship. To date the subject is still being discussed but should be ratified at the IOMICA AGM. If you have a couple of hours to spare look it up on their website, but I warn you, you may be more confused than when you started. I believe Roger Stollery and his technical team are still working on the subject.

The IOMICA AGM will be taking place on 22nd November. Amongst the proposals is one from Croatia, they are proposing that the HMS system be replaced at World and European Championships By the Simple Heat Racing System.

As this change would only affect our sailors who sail abroad, our top 30 odd sailors were asked for their opinion on the matter, the large majority of those who replied elected to stay with HMS and this will be conveyed in our voting at the AGM.

Next year sees the National Championships at West Kirby, hosted by the Birkenhead club, with Ranking events at Eastbourne, Midland and 2 Islands Sailing Clubs. I am certain that these will once again be well attended as the fleet continues to go from strength to strength. One last point – it would be nice to see more members sign onto the GBR IOM site – to get the latest news as it happens.

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