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Will it fit in my car

Mike Ewart

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You might get a yacht in a Boxer when the hood is down. Whenever I go sailing it always seems to rain and that might be a problem. Incidentally, Porsches are for those that have deep pockets - I have recently sold my 981 Cayman at 24000 miles as I just got too nervous about the cost of repairs. New steering racks at £4000 anyone?


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Just catching up on my reading and spotted the comment about steering rack prices: just how many steering racks does one car need during its life?

I would have thought - just the one it came with, surely they are like dogs - for life! 🙂

Sixes last a lot longer!  A Six would go in the car pictured.  Removable lead on the passenger floor: hull bow first in the passenger area; mast and boom assembly between the head restraints (might need a hole in the rear window of the hood); sails in a short tube of soil pipe; radio gear in the luggage box; skipper in the driving seat and you're ready to go.

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If I remember aright, Steve had a conundrum with his Porsche on one sailing trip.   I believe that he had a puncture and had to put on the skinny emergency tyre, then found that the fat road wheel would not fit into the available space occupied by the spare.  Rest of the car full of boat.  What do you do ?


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You are correct tiggy_cat. I had to move everything out of the Frunk (as they call it) on to the passengers seat and footwell just to get the proper rear wheel in.

I have bigger problems with the Porsche now. I SORNed her last Christmas but kept running her 2 or three times a month, then what with lockdown this cycle continued. No point in putting her on the road if we are not allowed out to play. Well eventually the inevitable happened and the battery went flat, not a problem you say just take the battery out and charge it. Well both of the boots have electric locks. No problem I thought I have an actual door key on the drivers side so was able to open the door to get to the fuse box where there is a pull out terminal where I was told all you have to do is connect a 12v battery then pop the boot. No luck all that happened when said 12v was connected was the alarm went off disabling everything.

Disheartened I gave up until a friend told me he had a Porsche trickle charger that connects through the cigar lighter, great I thought. I connected the charger up to an extension lead out of the kitchen window and then inserted it in to the lighter socket. Knowing the charge rate was relatively low I decided to leave it charging for 3 days. I confidently put the key in the lock after 3 days and pulled the door handle, to my horror there was a strange click and the door handle failed to open the door. So as of now the battery is still flat, the Porsche charger is still connected to the car and I have an extension lead going in to the car through the door seal and to cap it all I have no way of getting in to the car due to only the drivers side having an actual door lock.

I have been told that there should be an emergency wire between the front and inner wing. just remove the front wheel and inner arch to reveal said wire. OHHHH hang on the key for the locking wheel nuts is in the front boot with the jack.

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