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Clubs, websites and social media

Stephen B

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Whilst most clubs have a website would be good to know how other clubs are using social media, Facebook, etc (was not going to mention the T word) 

And also You Tube.

HRYC have this week launched our you tube channel, as the quality of image on Facebook for videos was not great, and trying this. Are other clubs using other media? And would be good to know for tips and hints.

only been working on it since the mid summer, but it’s developing nicely



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I can help with some of my tips if you are interested. I have been running a social media campaign for the last 18 months or so promoting Model Yacht Racing in general. I have been covering TikTok, Instagram and YouTube. Happy to go into further detail here if you wish.

Darin mentions the MYA YouTube channel, but some very basic errors are being made there.



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I know I shall be labelled a "luddite" for my comments here;  to save time penning any negative responses.

I do not like Facebook at all and seldom use it, apart talking Trimarans "down under". I remember the useful website for Multihulls and used it extensively when I built a "Ghost train" but trying to get useful info off FBK is a chore. Seems ideal for chatting though. Always jumbled articles etc. 

U tube often has some nice videos; usually discovered from the MYA forum links.

There are some excellent and useful websites and I quote the "six metre sailing-weebly"  site as being a good example. Loads of info and I found it very useful during my brief foray into the class.

Websites have forums with easy to follow discussions, loads of pics, drawings, advice in response to questions raised and details of competitions. The MYA is first port of call for any class and it is excellent. I have received more assistance, advice, feedback and offers of equipment than I have a right to expect. Currently with the 10R / M classes. Often the One Metre and even dipping my toe in the US One Metre. MYA has it all.

Anyway, only my small opinion so please just take them as that.






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At Clapham we're trying to use an instagram account alongside a club website to promote our club. We have the main word-press website which hosts the weekly racing results & write-ups in a blog, and has lots of yacht related information, but I copy weekly info from this site and put it on an instagram page. I personally find the # function and layout of insta better suited to promoting the club. The interface of instagram is pretty fool-proof and great for posting photos and highlighting particular events, whereas the more detailed information re boat types and racing rules remains on the main club website.

Chris M, the site you have setup is excellent. I have been following it and it is presented really well (The videos for beginners are great). I'd love to have something like this or the HRYC page to be able to add videos to our output. Do you get much engagement outside of the current club membership on these videos?






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