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Restoration IOM What is it?

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I am helping a friend rebuilding a one meter model with Mallard written on the stand. It sailed at Water Mead Model Boat Club. 

It is thin wood construction

The sails have RG or RIG on them, look to me modern material and it is number 50. 

The RC bits are digital so maybe its abour 2000, but we are only guessing

We think that it might be home built from a plan.

Do you have any information that would help us get this boat sailing again and can we still get parts?

Many thanks,










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Thanks Nick,

I have just found a date on the foot of the mainsail (very feignt) of 10th April 1999 and WMBC so it all fits in. Ill contact West Mead MBC near Aylesbury to find out more.

The rig has RG or RIG as the maker in green and red.

The mast and spars are all aluminium.

Many thanks for all your help. It really is appreciated,

Nigel Tailyour




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