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Identification of Unknown Yacht

Matt Hall

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I recently picked up this yacht with a view to restoring it, my partners father is a club member and I'm hoping it will be a great way to spend some time together! I will note that this is my first boat! 

I have absolutely no details from the previous owner, other that it was his late fathers. 

Main sail has a label, stating it was made by Graham Bantock, I have reached out but he has no further details other than the sails were made in 1984.

The yacht itself seems be a traditional rigged Marblehead from my research.

Electronics fitted are a whirlwind winch for sails. Futaba FP-S128 servo for rudder and Futaba receiver. I believe the hull is fibreglass but i have some concerns about the strength of it. The paint appears to be crazed and i want to repaint it, this is also where my concerns about the hulls rigidity comes in as there is a lot of flex in it. I also want to replace the electronics as i don't have the transmitter and I'm sure they could do with an upgrade. 

1285mm length

270mm width

1870mm mast above deck.

1670 x 395 main sail

400mm keel

9.70kg - 3.95kg(stand) no sail, mast or rig so weighs roughly 5.75kg 

Deck profile rear.jpg

Deck profile.jpg

Deck top.jpg


Inner hull material.jpg




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2 hours ago, NigelC said:

Pretty certain thats an Oliver Lee designed and built Trapper Marblehead from the mid 1980's

Are you able to tell me anything more about its construction or what the situation is with regards to the flex in the hull?

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The hull construction was in Polyester resin and chopped strand glass fibre mat. As long as any flex in the hull returns to the original position when any presure is removed then that sounds normal.

However I've seen these stored on a stand in hot temperatures and that can result in a permanent dent in the hull around the stand supports. As long as that hasn't happened then you should be fine.

As for refinishing it as per the other thread then my was spayed in celulose spray, but I think there are better paint finishes available now that will flex with the hull but others are probably better qualified to answer that than me.

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