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D6 hull kit in green

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I have a complete hull kit in green for sale. I also will have 1 kit in bone white in the next few days. I have Dave Creed fins and rudders available which with a small modification to the fin head will fit this design perfectly. If you are interested please email me or call me on 07966490048. My personal boat has been raced lightly and has produced some good results at local level and confirms the potential in this innovative hull.

I will also have a couple of development hulls, white or yellow, that are in various stages of completion which are complete but have minor visual imperfections which will become available in the next week or so.



Started out in 150ft schooner raced various 1 ton boats, Trapepr 300 and Dehler 35. Started out RC sailing 4 years ago with 30 year old IOM, then went to an ASBO, then Sedici, DF95. Whitefriars SC is now our host and we sail at least 3 days a week. The DF95 fleet is 10 boats  sailing weekly on a Monday. IOM fleet regularly see 10 boats sailing every Tuesday. Just begun to introduce D6 3D printed IOM to the UK 


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