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My first MYA posting, IOM yacht acquired 2021. Would like to find out / Clarify it's Design .

Colin Martin

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I attach photos of my glassfibre hulled IOM.  It is 1000mm in length and a wider more classic beam of 240mm. I would have thought a late eighties design by its shape.

I was told it was an "Aggasei " Not sure of spelling, however I have been unable to find any references /details via my internet searches etc. There are no makers nos or details on or inside the hull. So could have been done later off a purchased mould. The sails and rig on the boat have been added by me, however it came with a old A set ( shown in sep pic ) which has a signature, LVMYC, date 4/11/2008, sail nos 99.

Any ideas . Many thanks.        







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Probably an Assegai IOM design.. Think that LVMYC would refer to Lee Valley Model Yacht Club.   http://www.leevalleymyc.org.uk/ .


With the number on the original sails  (99), the IOM class Registrar might be able to unearth some details of its prior life.   The design itself is referred to briefly, here https://www.pryc.co.uk/classic-iom-class

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