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D6 IOM 3d printed IOM

Paul Barton

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We are working very closely with Neil Deverell in NZ and hope to bring a new and robust 3D printed IOM to market. We are hoping to have 5 production spec hulls on the water later this year and we'll bring you updates as they happen. The pre-production (mule) is shortly to begin testing and we'll update you soon. 

Started out in 150ft schooner raced various 1 ton boats, Trapepr 300 and Dehler 35. Started out RC sailing 4 years ago with 30 year old IOM, then went to an ASBO, then Sedici, DF95. Whitefriars SC is now our host and we sail at least 3 days a week. The DF95 fleet is 10 boats  sailing weekly on a Monday. IOM fleet regularly see 10 boats sailing every Tuesday. Just begun to introduce D6 3D printed IOM to the UK 


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