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2021 Dragon 95 Championship

John Taylor

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Day 1 Report.

Fleetwood welcomed 64 entries to the Dragon 95 Championship. The wind conditions were perfect gusting westerly upto 15mph. These yachts are part of a restricted class, equally built and rely on the skippers ability to manage the course.

The Race Officer, Derek Priestley introduced a windward gate, perhaps not seen before in Radiosailing. This inclusion within the course was to limit any collisions when rounding the windward marks.

After 6 races, John Tushingham (51) is leading from 2nd place Craig Richards (05) and 3rd place Jonas Samson (60) from Sweden. As for me, (214) I have made a strong start and I hope my good fortune continues. Also spare a thought for Ken Binks (83), his rudder servo and deck cover hatch melted during an A-Fleet race. 

Tomorrow we hope for more Champaign sailing and the local council not to administer parking tickets, within the club carpark.....Lol





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Day 2 Report

Today was the complete opposite from yesterday. A delayed start through the lack of wind on the course. Once the racing started and what little wind there was just changed direction continually. Providing a challenge for the race team to set a fair course.

The first round started at lunchtime. The event leader John Tushingham (51), found himself in B-fleet and was frustrated when he missed out on promotion. Dave Potter (20) had equipment issues after the first round and he was relegated to C-fleet. 

As the afternoon session continued and with some of the skippers growing in frustration, all because on more than one occasion the wind would shift to other side of the course. Therefore, on the last leg and sailing to the finishing line, you would easily go from a safe position in the fleet to being relegated. 

That said, Peter Baldwin (172) and Jonas Samson (60) both produced good performances today, winning individual A-fleet races and closing the gap on the leader. However, on a funnier note, spare a thought for Tim Long (Snackers), he succumb to Mike Western’s Cream Pie attack at the lakeside. War may start later?





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 Day 3 Report /Results. 

Congratulations to Craig Richards (05) for winning the UK Championship, 2nd place was John Tushingham (51) and 3rd place Peter Baldwin (172).

In total 15 rounds were completed in a wide range of wind conditions. There were 8 protest hearings during the regatta. Special thank you to Derek Priestley, Rob Walsh and the Fleetwood racing team, including  the ladies in the canteen who fed us all during the 3 days. The windward gate worked very well and we may see this format more often?

As for me (214), I’ve found results hard to come by lately, especially after the disappointment of the (IOM) Championship a few weeks ago. However, this results (6th) renews my confidence in my abilities and to find your ‘Mojo’ again is a great feeling. Also I’m grateful to Bob Jolly for the use of his boat.





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