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Do you know this Paradox Marblehead?

Michael Thomas

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I have recently acquired a Paradox Marblehead to complement my Stark. It needs a fair bit of refurbishment and some repairs however I cannot find a hull identification number on the boat. It may be it was never measured or having been repainted the original number may have been erased. Previous owner has no information to assist me.

It is an early boat, build No 2. I have contact both the class registrar Roy Stevens and Brad Gibson the builder without success.

The sails display No 29 and there is an international K which suggests it was competition sailed some time ago. The boat would date back to the early '90's

When I removed the paint I found the name " Avantgarde II" underneath.

If you recognise this boat or know of a previous owner or a registered number can you let me know please.

Thanks Michael.

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