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2021 (UK) Championship

John Taylor

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Fleetwood is the host club for the 30th (IOM) Championships. A 76 boat entry which includes 4 previous class World Champions, many National Champions and an array of talent, that boasts some of the best skippers across the country. This is certainly a high class event and over the next 3 days we will certainly experience some champaign racing. 

The skippers who are favourite to win are many, but in my opinion: Robert Walsh, Brad Gibson, Martin Roberts, John Tushingham and Graham Bantock will all be staking their bids. The next wave: Tony Edwards, Graham Elliot, Chris Harris, Gavin Watson and Darin Ballington will all be in the mix.

However, there are some other skippers you may not be familiar with, but equally talented: Craig Richards (112), Ian Dundas (38) and Brian Summers (07).

All very capable and eager to start this regatta well. 


Let the show commence!!!!






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UK (IOM) Championship, Day 1 Report

A variable light westerly wind built over the course of the day. Some of the more established skippers, Graham Bantock, John Tushingham and Darin Ballington all had bad starts to their regatta. However, fresh from winning the Marblehead Championships 2 weeks ago, Chris Harris (Britpop) carried on his good form. So too did Graham Elliott (Britpop) and Brad Gibson (Pop), both took first places in A-fleet during the day.  
After the first 4 rounds of racing, Brad Gibson is top of the fleet, but there is still along way to go.

Elsewhere Craig Richards (Vanilla) has sailed consistently well and he won an A-Fleet race. Mark Rose (Britpop), a local skipper climbed through the fleets to compete with the best skippers. Unfortunately, in the same race an accident for Mick Chamberlain, who whilst racing fell into the lake. Thankfully only his pride was hurt.

As for me, (Sushi) I’ve found today hard going. I spent most of the day in C-Fleet, but knocking on the door to promotion. Then disaster struck in my last race of the day, as I sailed myself into a relegation position. Therefore, I start tomorrow in D-Fleet. I will reflect on today’s performance with a beer.



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UK (IOM) Championship, Day2 Report

The wind slowly built from the east this time with the RO setting a course using the full length of the lake. There was a lot of competitive racing, but on many occasions a general recall would be shouted from the start line, as skippers manoeuvred to try and get the advantage. After 8 rounds of racing Brad Gibson remains top and extends his lead from yesterday. Craig Richards continues his challenge with Chris Harris.

Further down the fleet, Shaun Priestley (Britpop) and John Sharman (Vision) have sailed consistently today, as they maintain their positions in the top half of the standings. Jen Hand (Britpop) the only female entrant, has a determined approach to her races, on occasions she will vent her delight as a result from her successes

As for me, (Sushi) I’ve spent a lot of time in D-Fleet today, but I was encourage once the wind strength increased during the afternoon session. Two consecutive promotions which guided me to B-Fleet for the first time in this regatta. Unfortunately, disaster struck me again during the start line of the B-Fleet race, where I had to retire due to my jib pull down brealage. So the momentum ended and I was back in C-Fleet.





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UK (IOM) Championship, Day 3 Report and Results. 

Congratulations to Brad Gibson (Pop) who sailed to another (IOM) National Championship. A clear winner from 2nd place Graham Elliott (Britpop) and 3rd place Chris Harris (Britpop). 13 rounds of racing were completed, with 59 general recalls at the start line, 6 protest hearings and 1 man in the lake. 

Away from the racing, there were some interesting stories coming out of the fleet of skippers, who like to socialise too much. People sleeping in the streets or in hotel corridors, because for what ever reason they cannot find their appropriate accommodation. I’m sure those amusing stories will filter across the radio sailing world in the near future. However, the one thing you can say is that everyone enjoyed themselves and the regatta was a great success. Our thanks goes to Fleetwood Club, Derek Priestley, Peter Baldwin and their racing team for running such a good event.

As for me (Sushi), I found the competition tough going, (competitively aswell as socially) but I’ve learnt more about my design. Sushi is a work in progress and I will make some changes before the next regatta in 4 weeks time. My highest achievement this weekend was promotion into B-Fleet briefly. Sushi handles differently than my previous design (Rubix), but this shows me I have to be adaptable. I will continue with this project because one regatta is not enough time to make a judgement.





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