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Sushi (IOM) Design

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New Sushi (IOM) Introduction.

This week saw the launch of my new (IOM) 'Sushi', its the first design I have produced within the class for 6 years. At the time In 2015, I felt many people were producing different designs and the next latest and greatest yacht would appear within 3 months from the last IOM.

Therefore, I decided to leave the IOM Class, to expand my experience and personal development as an amateur yacht designer. I wanted to experiment with designs across many other classes such as the US1m, 36R, 10R, and revisit the A - Class.

Having now achieved those goals I return this year with 'Sushi'. The project has taken 12 months to create, starting as a CAD drawing on a computer screen, through the construction process with the hull being hand crafted in Obeche wood, to the final fitting of the rig and radio equipment. The key features of Sushi is the chine that runs the full length of the hull, but with little tumblehome in comparison to my previous IOM designs. There is more freeboard to minimises the waterflow across the deck when Sushi is heeled and a flared bow that rises significantly, from the foredeck which will assist the downwind performance when hard pressed. The next few months will be key as I will campaign Sushi in numerous regattas, starting with the UK Championship, in Fleetwood at the end of August.

The long term plan for Sushi is if the yacht performs well over the coming months, then I hope to make this design available in 2022 as a home build (IOM) kit for others to enjoy. I wish to thank those who have supported me through this project. Damian Ackroyd for supplying the hull sections and moulded parts. Including Ian Davidson, who patiently constructed this Sushi-Prototype and made a fantastic job.

Facebook Sushi (IOM) Album Link: Here



Sushi (IOM) 2021 (1).JPG

Sushi (IOM) 2021 (2).png

Sushi (IOM) 2021 (4).JPG

Sushi (IOM) 2021 (18).JPG

Sushi (IOM) 2021 (19).JPG

Sushi (IOM) 2021 (23).JPG

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