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2021 MYA Marblehead National Championship

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With less than a month to the event the MPRSC race team are now making full preparations for the event and looking forward to welcoming skippers old and new with their Marbleheads to the club.

Those who have been before will know that the venue is great for a mid summer weekend with space for camping and socialising alongside the competitive racing, the grounds are looking good and the addition of the floating jetty makes launching and retrieval even esier.

If you have any questions about the weekend please feel free to ask them, or alternatively just get your entry in and enjoy the 1st National Championship of 2021.....

Watch this video of the last time the M's were at Manor Park. (thanks Henning)


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Marblehead Championship, Day 1 Report

Manor Park is the venue for this year’s UK Marblehead Championships. 31 skippers from all over the country, split into 2 fleets taking part. 

Throughout the day the wind conditions were a challenge both for the skippers and the Race Officer (RO). On more than one occasion the course had to be rotated nearly 180 degrees. In the racing, Martin Roberts, Chris Harris and Peter Stollery all have won during the day. However, Martin and Peter have also found themselves sailing in B-Fleet, proving no one is safe in A-fleet in these conditions. After day 1, Chris Harris tops the fleet, great performances also from Andrea Roberts (Starkers) and Rob Vice (Up). I think it will be more of the same tomorrow. 

As for myself, I found the day challenging both on and off the water. Unable to sail myself into a promotional position in B-Fleet, I often found myself sailing into no wind, or be on the wrong side of the course as the wind filled in again. However, more frustration was to come as I later found my accommodation for the night was cancelled. The land lady had double booked by mistake. This leaves me sleeping in the car for the night 😂🍺🍺







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Marblehead Championship Day 2 Report and Results.

Wind conditions were still variable both in speed and direction. The top skippers continued to battle it out on the water, but Graham Bantock, Darin Ballington and Tony Edwards have all spent time in B-Fleet which probably finished their challenge in the early part of the afternoon. Plus it didn’t help that a protest stopped racing for nearly an hour during the morning session. This was between Chris Harris and Phil Haliday for an incident at the start line. The result was the protest was eventually thrown out with no impact on either skipper. 

Congratulations goes to Chris Harris after a close encounter, he takes the top spot for the first time in this class. His performance and careful sailing gradually pulled him through the fleet. 2nd place Peter Stollery , 3rd place Andrea Roberts. Some excellent performances also during the weekend,  Craig Richards and CJ Vice both sailed consistently.

As for me, my results slowly improved when the wind speed increased, I managed to sail in A-Fleet a couple of times but was relegated straight away. Frustratingly, on one occasion during the last leg of the course I sailed myself into a bottom 4 position. (Unforgivable). 

Thanks goes to Hugh McAdoo, his Racing Team and to Manor Park Sailing Club. An enjoyable regatta despite me sleeping in my car. 😂



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