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How do you enter a World Championship meeting

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Some years ago someone told me that to enter a World Championship in a UK meeting you or club has to be seeded or you have to have scored points i think he said, I am at a loss as to find out,  Please can someone enlighten me on the procedure.

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Hi Bill,

The IRSA sets the regulations for World/Continental Championships and these have a section on the allocation of places at a World/Continental Championships. Each country that is affiliated to the IRSA is allocated a number of places for an upcoming event. This is based not only on their size but also on results of the last event. How each country chooses its representatives is down to the individual country but in the UK the MYA has a long established ranking system for its members and skippers.

The MYA ranking system is intended to allow all members to have the opportunity to qualify and also create a series that gives the best UK skippers the chance to compete against each other for practice and to gain experience of competitive events. 

The basic MYA Ranking system is a series of 6 events plus the last National Championship for the international classes, with the best 4 scores from the last 6 counting events (plus the last Nationals) used by a competitor. The intention is that these events are planned annually such that those wishing to attend can get to at least 4 without excessive travelling, although this doesnt always happen.

There are currently 3 ranking lists for the international classes who have active International events.

It is actually a lot easier to understand than explain!!

Note: It is only classes that come under the authority of the IRSA that are included in this system.

Hope this helps.






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Thank you Darin for your time taken to explain the ranking system, Martin Roberts explained it to me five years ago and it went over my head a little, I have an ambition to race in the Marblehead world championship at Wallasey, I raced motorcycles before running my own team's at the TT, Macau GP etc I get the same buzz in my stomach model yacht racing at my club Gresford SC  i started the model yacht racing there, I am the club captain for the second year so my time racing is limited as we are also RYA affiliated and lots to do Covid related etc,  I digress so thank you again Darin for your help, Best wishes Bill Jones

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