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Star Yachts SY 1,2 and 5 rigging plans.

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Hi, I've recently acquired the above yachts. They are incorrectly rigged. Has anybody got rigging plans for these boats? I am reasonably competent at setting up rigs as I have and race DF65, 95 and IOMs widget and cockatoo. Photos would be fine as I can work from these. If anybody has already done this would you suggest using dyneema rather than the string that appears to have come with the boats?  The SY5 appears to have the original sails. not sure about the other boats though.

Thanks in advance

Robin Aldcroft

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Hi Robin, my two, old, well used Star yachts just straddle the models you have. SY4 and Endeavour 1V. Not sailed either for a very long time. I have re rigged though and stuck with the white string and dowel spars.  Looks nicer and works with the original bowsies.  Endeavour's sails are a little "mothy" now but still look ok. There are loads of pics of all the boats on the internet.

Widget is still a handy IOM and I remember the Cockatoo, which was popular in New Zealand; most of the fleet at Glenfield I remember.




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