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Which Rc equipment to use


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6 metre boats aren't too exacting  as to equipment.     For a rudder servo, my preference is for a metal geared and "waterproof" servo. My current Revival renovation will probably end up with a servo from the Savox line as I find these reliable , probably something like the  SW0231MG.

 Winch servos are a bit thinner on the ground in terms of choice , compared to the rudder.  The obvious ones to look at are the PJ Sails PJS 36 model  (http://www.pjsails.co.uk/Pekabe2015.PDF) or an RMG from Bill Green, depending on what he has  (Smartwinch UK).     Looking further afield, there is a guy in Holland who produces winch servos that would fit the bill  (http://www.pda-winches.nl/)     or the  ones available from  these guys in Australia  (https://www.radiosailingshop.com.au/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=160.

I have looked at the bigger Hitec sail servos such as the HS-785  but they have "plastic"  composite gears and I a m not convinced as to their life  potential on larger boats, perhaps others who have used them may care to comment.         


I was lucky enough to have bought a Tornado winch from a UK company  who unfortunately are no longer around (Titan Winches)  which is going into theRevival.

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From the information that I have been able to glean re 6 metre hulls, which may not be current or correct

6m Renaissance hulls were available from Ray Baker in Gosport.

6m Rococco hulls were available from Geoff Earle in Harwich

6m Romanza hulls were said to be available from Martin Dovey


I know of two different people who have Romanza moulds but not sure that they are making hulls available to the public.


Also keep an eye on the sales section on the 6 metre site     http://sixmetresailing.weebly.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html

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