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3D Printed Yachts

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3D Printed Yacht Trials.
The weekend saw the launch of 3 prototype designs at Fleetwood. All the yachts have been created using the 3 digital printing technique, which is to date the cheapest and easiest way to trial new design and construction methods.
'Aero' (RG65) Designed by J. Taylor
This is the 3rd generation design produced and we hope to make this available in the new year. 'Aero' features a soft chine which runs along the length of the hull, but the transom's shape changes to a more rounded section. Much of the free-board of the hull is considerably reduced in comparison to my previous class designs, therefore 'Aero' has reduced hull wind resistance when sailing.
'Remix' (36 Class) Designed by J. Taylor
This design represents my entry into the class. After a successful trial 'Remix' will be made available very soon. The best feature of this design is that it can be used for both competitive radio and vane sailing. 'Remix' can be dual rated, by making the skeg and rudder removable when in the vane configuration, then by installing radio and a conventional rudder within the yacht, 'Remix' also becomes a competitive radio 36. I believe this is a cost effective and desirable option for all skippers.
'Seabird' (6m Class) Designed By D. Hollom.
Featured earlier this year 'Seabird' continues its trial successfully. Damian Ackroyd who built the prototype continues to research new construction ideas, which may be included within future moulded hulls. It is too early to predict when hulls will be made available, as the pandemic has slowed trialling 'Seabird'.

Aero (RG65) (2).JPG

Aero (RG65) (1).JPG

Aero (RG65) (3).JPG

Aero (RG65) (4).JPG

Remix (36 Class) (1).JPG

Remix (36 Class) (3).JPG

Remix (36 Class) (4).JPG

Seabird (6m).JPG

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Peroni (Marblehead) Project

Previously, I have spoken about the above design projects which over time have become established moulded yachts. Since the summer of 2021, both Damian and myself have worked on a new (Marblehead) project, which we hope will replace our existing design. This weekend saw the launch of our new 3D printed prototype 'Peroni'. 

Using PLA the hull, deck and internal fixtures were all created in 3 sections, which have been bonded together. However, the foils being used are carbon with the yacht's hull surface painted to a smooth finish. The overall hull weight is 150 grams more in comparison to a carbon hull, but this is a manageable limitation for a test yacht. 'Peroni' will feature in various regattas in the coming months.


Peroni (RM).png








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Thanks Graham for your supportive comment. Further to what Ive said on my initial post about Peroni.  I launched my previous design in 2014, after an encouraging result at the World Championships in the same year. Over time,  I have witnessed the growth of the Starkers and the Grunge which are fantastic yachts for different reasons.

So last year, I decided to have another go at making something which in the future could challenge these Marblehead designs. My prototypes will race against the established yachts, both in Radio and Vane sailing events, Damian and I will gather the data over the course of this year. Hopefully in 2023, we will finalise the hull shape and construction process to make the finalised carbon version of Peroni. Thanks again.



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