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2020 Subscription Fees

Tim Prince

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To be fair, Tim does have a point, the races have been cancelled, at no fault of the MYA but to try and keep us all safe from Covid 19.

Not sure about a reduction though, the MYA will have lost an awful lot of revenue due to no race fees coming in but still have pretty much the same expenditure, marketing, insurance, yearbook etc. Probably the same at club level, clubs lost revenue from entry fees, canteen etc but same expenditure.

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About the same level as wanting a refund on your new sunglasses because of a cloudy day.

The MYA will have extra work advising and supporting members and clubs during this difficult time. And I assume seeing a significant reduction in income .

It's very important that all of us support them - especially in paying our subs


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I think that Tim has the right to ask the question regarding the fees like any other member on the forum. and responses should be fair and understanding (with a little humour;)).

It is worth noting that the MYA fees are not impacted greatly by the lack of racing as any race levy goes into the MYA racing fund for the use by the MYA Racing Officer. This is intended to support the racing community without putting a significant financial burden on the general membership.

With regard to the MYA subscription fees, they cover the base administration costs plus technical matters and any promotional items that are undertaken, so although there has been no racing in the period from March to June the costs of running the association are still there.  As a member of the council I know that the Treasurer and council members are looking at the costs for 2020 and how this may impact on the fees for 2021, and also looking at how the MYA can help clubs and their members to encourage people back to sailing in 2020/ 2021 and promote our great sport.




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