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Unidentified pond boat


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Hi all, complete newbie to the forum here.

I've recently been given an old (possibly VERY old) wooden pond yacht that is in need of restoration. I have some experience in model boating, model engineering and wooden boats in general, and am looking forward to the project, however I am struggling to find any information to be able to better identify the boat and how she may have been set up. I would be very grateful if anyone in the forum could point me in the right direction.

photos attached. general info as follows:

Hull length: 57" (145cm)
Beam: 14" (35cm)
Sheer to bottom of keel: 17" (43cm)

The boat came with two rigs, one slightly taller than the other. Masts are deck-stepped.  The boat is in sound condition, but almost all the hardware is missing.


Does this look familiar to anyone?






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