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A class sail winches


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Hi guys,

    it has been a while since there has been anything new on the market. I have come across these powerful sail winches. On paper the specifications are impressive and they are cheap.

I have not been able to find any user experiences on these on the internet. Does anyone know more about them or using one?

It is almost too good to be true… 44kg/cm torque and 0.48s per turn!!

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I may have a vested interest being a supplier of RMG products but I’d be a bit wary of using a servo  based winch in an A Class. PJ have an adapted servo based winch that can be used and have been well tried and tested  Maybe ok with an IOM and similar but worth second thoughts for anything that has a decent amount of sail. As ever you can always ring me if you want to have an unbiased talk about winch things. My advert regularly pops up on these pages (Smartwinch)

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