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Yacht repair recommendation

John Bennett

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After my Marblehead was recently run over by a car I found it quite difficult to find places to get it repaired, so this post might be useful to others.

The last five inches of my Paradox stern was crushed under the rear wheels of the car of a fellow club member, with a crack extending ten inches up the hull. I kept all the crunched up pieces of carbon and proceeded to find someone to fix it.

Anyway to cut a long story short, it has been excellently repaired and I would highly recommend a chat to the guy who did it for anyone in a similar position.

Contact details are:

Al McMeekin


See his website at:


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Alex is a craftsman and very economical I just had my Quark repaired and a new raised bow added inline with the latest Quarks. John Shorrocks Quark was very badly damaged at the Chelmsford ranking cracked in several places and the tension on the jib pulled the deck up and away.

Now fully repaired and he was sailing in C rig at datchet last Saturday.

Terry Rensch

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