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IOM World Championship in Brazil

Chris Harris

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Firstly, please note that currently the hosts are having issues with there WiFi and due to National holidays, this is not likely to be resolved until tomorrow. 

So, First two days of the Boys (and our mum - - Sue Conner) from Brazil tour has been somewhat eventful, two boats missing from the Flight from Amsterdam, one from Sao Paolo. After some biting of fingers etc, all arrived before the start of the event. 

The sailing venue is very good, water maybe fresh water, but looks more like the River Severn in Bristol than sunny Brazil. The host club have made all feel very welcome and are looking after all very well. 

After completion of measurement, the opening ceremony on Saturday night was a good evening, lots of old and new friends meeting up and swapping stories of there journeys to Brazil. 

Sunday arrived and the weather was very warm and sunny (sorry UK).  After the raising of the flags in the morning ceremony (sorry gb, not your finest hour😂😂), seeding races took place. All competitors agreed that due to the UK missing two, they would run E, D, C, A, and then B. 

Seeding races were sailed in wind that increasing from a nice top rig, to a hard top rig. 

After the seeding races, skippers began to change to second rig, wind, waves and sunshine made for interesting racing. 

During race three, the wind began to swing slightly from the shore, one hardly sole (USA 42) tried top rig, oops. After the A Fleet race, E fleet sailed in a mix of top and second rig, with a dying breeze swinging off the shore racing was halted at 1810. This then meant story's could be told of the day's racing over a beer or two (some of team Aus was more like 7 or 8).

So how did the bits fair

GB was first up, after been called over the line (running down it really), recovered to respectable third in his seeding race, followed by a fourth in race two, race three was a gring for all, finishing in the lower part of the fleet. 

CH was second up, sailed OK, needs to learn how sail downwind in waves, two thirds and a fifteenth, called over in the last race, became bit of a soldiers course after that. 

BC, didn't have the best start, lost jib tension in his seeding race, had Shaun Wyeth on speed dial on his main kicker for the second race, not sure if you can shorten the waterline of BritPop by this method, did try though. In race made a break for freedom, getting into D fleet, starting there in the morning. 

JC, sailed OK in his seeding race, didn't get a break on the second beat, as ever sailing will a smile and Jovial as in JC way, today is another day. 

RV, sailed his seeding race looking very dapper, brown boots and shorts, Graham Elliott would be proud, after a quick rig change (no GBR's on new rig, nailed the start, lead win his seeding race, race and three were different affairs, and scored a few points, but Monday is another day. 

PS, in the same seeding race as RV, after a miner issue before start with radio gear, sailed a consistent race to get a second place, race two was not great for PS, range issues, so a last place, after changing transmitter and receiver, won B fleet and after been called over in A Fleet, fought back to mid fleet. 

Forecast for Monday is for same direction, but lighter breeze, so another day in the sun. 

Will update Monday night on days outcome. 

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