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Penalty TURN

Graham Allen

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Can any one give a definitive answer to a question from the Lincoln lake side?

During the 1 minute count down boat A collided with boat B about 30 seconds to go. Boat A did a turn and carried on to the start. Boat B protested boat B for carrying out the penalty turn before the race started. As there was confusion on the call boat A did an extra turn.

Both skippers asked other skippers and were advised the turn before the start was OK.

Is this correct?

For information skipper B is a successful dinghy skipper.

Many thanks


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An older version of the rules used to say that you have to take the penalty after starting, but that was removed several versions ago. Now you may take the penalty before the start. The rule requires to to take your penalty as soon as possible, after getting clear of other boats - so waiting until after the start would not be 'as soon as possible'.

I remember some discussion that a foul prior to the start may have little or no effect on the boat's race, and so taking the penalty before the start is a fitting penalty.


John Ball

IOM CAN 307 (V8)

In my private capacity

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