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Revival Mast Position

John B Kiff

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Hi All

I am re rigging a "Revival" there is no mast position on the cert: and when I check the current mast position is 20mm forward of the Grahams original drawing

I have only ever seen the boat sail with indiferant sails and a very bendy mast.. What is the current thinking on the mast position forthe "Revival"



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I am restoring an older wooden built Revival at present.  A friend of mine has access to a spreadsheet of registered 6 metre boats and  came up with the details of a registered Revival.

 They were   displacement = 12.2 kg.

    A for mainsail = 1720 mm

 B for mainsail    = 539 mm

 J  measurement = 541mm

Mast measurement mark from front = 591mm.

My own boat looks like it will turn out just over 12 kg  (keel and bulb being detachable and weigh just about 10kg)

A = 1720

B  = 520

J for these sails = 560    

Mast measurement from front currently looks like it is going to be around 570mm. The rearmost position for the mast is limited by the way the boat has been constructed, there being a keelbox which limits how far aft the mast foot can go, the mast itself fitting into a wooden box presumably held in place with wedges

Only problem with this is, with the existing sails , the front forestay mark is literally falling off the front of the bow.  I may look at a different sail plan with a reduced J measurement.

Hope this is helpful.  




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