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A class K627 Esther

Alf Reynolds

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I have been asked to restore (tittivate) an elderly A class vane boat prior to its reloction to France, it is basicaly dirty with a few damaged or missing fittings. Vane gear, spars and sails seem to be in fair condition, I am asking for some pointers as how to clean her up without doing any lasting damage.

I would also like to know a little of her history, she has a name plate inscibed Esther and the sail number is K627.

I am quite happy messing with radio Marbleheads, 10 raters etc but this a little different, any advice would be appreciated.

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Hi Alf,

would the owner be interested in selling her?

i would recommend a book by curved air press that discusses restoring old pond yachts. It is available on the sails etc website.

do you have any photos of the boat to see what she needs?

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Hi Alf

According to Robert Hobbs' book (1001 International A class yachts - Bumble Publications) it was originally registered on 21/6/1950, owned by WJ Daniels and R Lance at South of London club, designed and built by WJ Daniels, and measured by JL Harris. It was subsequently recorded as owned by W Jupp  of YM6M OA and South London club and last recorded in his book last measured on 25/3/1986 under the same owner.

Hope this helps.



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