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  1. It's so cool what you created here! Looks very good, great work! I like it Already thought about restoring an old boat myself, but then never did so until now...
  2. Hey Mala, I am lucky enough to already have had twice the chance to get a look inside such a super yacht, as you describe it. Once in school I had to do an internship abroad and I decided to work in a hotel at the Côte d’Azur. My hotel has been directly opposite of St. Tropez - I don’t know if you have ever heard of this town at the French riviera? It is home to the super rich and wealthy, there you can find an endless number of luxury yachts. I have seen so many unbelievable things over there, for example a sportscar driving out of the front of one of these yachts! One afternoon I strolled around the harbor and walked by another luxury ship, where the owners were standing on deck chatting, while holding their champagne... Suddenly one of them asked me if I would like to have look inside – I was speechless and just nodded. It really looked like a noble hotel room with lots of shiny golden accents on the furniture for example. I was so impressed, that I decided to work as a crewmember on such a yacht after school. Two years later I applied for a job on an even bigger yacht – with success! I only had little experience on the sea, but I had a degree in tourism including a wine tasting exam, so they were happy to hire me. I spent a whole year on board, and it’s been such a good time! You are right, apart from jet skis and a hot tub, they also had a huge outdoor entertainment system with one of these large-format foldable TV screens. That has been a whole new entertainment experience to me! So, I think this could be an option if you really want to spend some time on a super yacht. But I must mention it is not all happy and luxury... wealthy people can sometimes be quite rude and easily take everything for granted. I mean I was lucky with the couple I worked for, they have always been nice and friendly, but it still is a different world, if you understand what I mean. But yeah, if you don’t bother polishing cutlery for a whole day or walking a mile to buy exactly that brand, they fancy... It’s been a good time still and an amazing experience to me, I don’t want to miss it.
  3. Thats a pretty cool quiz, thanks for sharing! Unintentionally filled my pause during work
  4. I lately found some great gloves at the hunting section of my favourite sports store. They are warm, water-/weatherproof and you can remove the tips of the fingers, whats quite useful in my opinion. So maybe have a look at hunting equipment if your brother still needs to decide on some
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