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  1. This discussion continues from the For Sale/Wanted forum - thanks to Barry I now have a Triple Crown in a beautiful shade of fluorescent orange. I'll be resisting the temptation to paint it in a tasteful colour, while fixing it up and modifying it for my MSc research project on optimising the windward performance of an autonomous model yacht. Thanks Alf for your offer as well. Damian - interested to hear that you supplied the Southampton University team with their yachts. As you are probably aware, they, and other teams, have very kindly published their hardware designs and software in open-source format that anyone can download and use. I'll be using this work as a starting point, although I'll only be looking at windward sailing to start with, rather than performing the very challenging navigation tasks that the World Robotic Sailing Championships require. I'll be setting up a public project blog in due course, but in the meantime will post updates here. Project deadline is August 2021. Stuart
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