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  1. This boat is offered complete with all gear ready to race. In addition to the complete ready to race boat, she comes with a spares and tools package which includes Spare transmitter, 2 Spare receivers (all Spektrum), Spare boat battery, Spare deck patches, Spare Smart Winch, 1 Spare rudder, 2 Spare Rudder servos, 2 Potlids, Boat battery charger and leads, 2 AA chargers with 4 AA batteries each, Anemometer, Boatstand, Baster, Acetone, Sun tan lotion,3 Screwdrivers, A knife, 2Metre tape, Mirror, Scissors, 5 sizes of Spectra, Set of Pliers, Silicone grease for Rudder post. This all comes in a Baby box (except the TXs).The RIGs are in a lightweight Sailboat RC box which comes with aluminium protection panels(when flying). Also included is a 'Golfbox' in which to ship the hull, fin and lead. Sole reason for sale-Imminent arrival of new boat. Price £2000, or Ready to race Boat and rig box £1485. Available to view at w3w: exporters.bumping.match on the South island. John Cleave 07836 365000
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