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  1. Thank you Terry for your hard work. Much appreciated and will enjoy with a beer
  2. Thank you for the input here. It's much appreciated, good info to improve my sailing and good nuggets for everyone. Cheers Rohan
  3. Hi John, thank you once again for your time on this. I really appreciate your input it is very helpful. Best wishes Rohan
  4. Thank you John for the comment.
  5. So once a leeward boat has given room (how much time is reasonable) how can l enforce windward to keep clear. Would "keep up" suffice. Also if they dont get out the way and force you down the course how do you get a penalty? Just shout protest? Or carry on th he course you intend to go and hope they get out the way? When the leeward boat clears the Windwards stern how far should this be around mast point or just nose ahead of windward stern. If leeward is below windward coming straight to start l assume it's the windward boat running down the line obligation to keep out way.
  6. Hi l am looking for some advise with examples of rules on the start and calls to make please. We have start lines that aren't always perfect at our club and make the best of certain wind conditions which is great and enables us to have alot of fun but can sometimes see a whole fleet running down the line in some cases. The situation l would like to talk about is rights of leeward boats at the start line and the ability to push windward boats over the line. Because some start lines can be biased on certain days people or fleets will run the line. If someone has taken the time to position their boat correctly then move to the start line to be met by boats running the line can you push them over the line. Equally if you have messed up but fall in leeward to a boat can you luff up and call for them as windward boat to give room. What are the rules regarding this and how can one take advantage without breaking the rules? I believe it is ok to push boats over at the start and call them, afterall why should someone who arrives early at the line then runs it be allowed to ruin your start and gain an advantage? To be clear l have been on both sides and as a rc sailor who has been in the sport a short time but long enough to be expected to get a proper grip of the rules l would really like this cleared up by an experienced sailor please. Many thanks Rohan
  7. Thank you for clearing that up
  8. A boat (ahead) has rounded a mark and is beating upwind on port comes into contact with a boat (behind) sailing down wind to a mark on starboard. Question - does the boat ahead have to do turns until the downwind boat has rounded the mark and caught up?
  9. Hi, I have got an Alex Austin Bubbles 2 an early 90's yacht. I was just wondering if anyone has the set up guide for the boat? I have a set of house Martin sails also if that helps? Many thanks
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